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Product name : hs-Paprika Oleoresin
Item : hs0262
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Product Name:Paprika Oleoresin
Part Used:fruit
Active Ingredient:Paprika Oleoresin
Appearance:Dark red liquid,soluble in lipin,ethanol etc. insoluble in water
Color value 100??250 E (66,000CU??150,000CU)
Capsaicin content:≤ 0.01%
Solvent Residual:≤ 25PPM
As:≤ 2.0mg/kg
Pb:≤ 3.0mg/kg
Appearance:Red liquid, dispersed evenly in the water.
Color value 10??90 E (6,600CU~60,000CU)
Capsaicin content:≤ 0.005%
Solvent Residual:≤ 25PPM
As:≤ 2.0mg/kg
Pb:≤ 3.0mg/kg
Usage:Foods coloured with paprika oleoresin include cheese, orange juice, spice mixtures, sauces, sweets and emulsified processed meats. In poultry feed it is used to deepen the colour of egg yolks.
Storage:Store in cool and dry place,keep away from strong light and heat
Shelf Life:18 Months
Package:5-20 kg/drum,depend on customer order
other information:
Capsicum oleoresin is a kind of spicy sauce refined from red chili through extraction and separation. Its effective components are capsaicin, chili dihydride pigment and other spicy pigments as well as a few paprika oleoresins.

Paprika oleoresin, belonging to carotene, is a kind of oily liquid refined from chilies under the process of making granulation, precritical extraction, concentration and saponification. Its main components are capsanthin and capsorubin.

The animal feed grade paprica oleoresin powder is refined from the paprica oleoresin through saponification, drying, changing the quality and other crafts. It is a natural feed additive.

Water-soluble paprika oleoresin is refined from paprika oleoresin under the process of emulsification, homogeneous, changing the quality and other crafts.

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