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Products > Help Sex > Impotence, prostate health > Epimedium Breviconum P.E.(Icariin)
Product name : Epimedium Breviconum P.E.(Icariin)
Item : HS-0021
Price : chat on line
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Code:HS-EXTRACT 0021
Name:Epimedium Breviconum P.E.(Icariin)
Category:Standard herbal extract
Size:Icariin10% 20%;Icariins10% 20% 30% 40%
Effect:Impotence, prostate health

Epimedium Breviconum P.E.(Icariin)
PRODUCT NAME: Epimedium P.E.
BOTANICAL SOURCE: Epimedium brevicornum Maxim.
COMPONENTS: Icariin, Epimedoside A,etc.
SPECIFICATION: Icariin 10% 20%
Icariins 10% 20% 30% 40%
APPEARANCE: Brown-Yellow Fine Powder
Molecular Formula: C33H40O15
Molecular Mass: 676.66
CAS No.: 489-32-7

Indications and Uses
It is invigorative, tonic and anti-rheumatism.
It stimulates the production of androgen (sexual) hormones with no found effect on estrogen.
It has been applied to men suffering from impotence and low sperm count. And has been consumed by women who suffer from a decreased sexual motivation.
Safety Concerns
High dosages of horny goat weed may cause side effects in some people, which would include rapid heart beat, restlessness, and insomnia. Do not take horny goat weed if you are taking heart medicines.
Dosage Information
The suggested dosage is 3-9 gram in water extracting form according to Chinese Pharmacopoeia, 2005 edition. The suggested dosage for other forms of preparation are not available, but high dosage of up to 30 gram a day (80% concentrate water extracts and 20% powder form) was seen in a clinical study of 1000 cases of Chronic bronchitis treatment, the study shows a 74.6% effective rate without report of adverse effects. However, it is strongly suggested that when use alone, any dosage that is over 9 gram in water extract form or over 3 gram in powder pill form should be applied in a closely administered environment.
PACKING: 25KG/Drum;1KG/Bag;Also can be according to customer’s demands.
SHELF LIFE: 24 Months

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